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GGBET casino is a unique online platform that contains a lot of slot machines. Our customers can try their luck in over 1000 unique slots. Of course, quantity is important, but quality is even more important for us. Therefore, on the GGBET website, we place only the best slots from the most famous online slot developers. And of course, we try to diversify the list of slots available for playing as much as possible. After all, the same type of games can quickly bore the players. Therefore, on the GGBET online casino website, you will find several subspecies of slots at once, differing in the gaming concept. For example,the Buy Feature section of the GGBET casino contains a special kind of slot machine that has become very popular among players. We are talking about slots that have a special feature that allows you to purchase bonuses right during the game.

Buy Feature games with the ability to purchase a bonus

For gambling fans who spend a lot of time playing slots on the GGBET website , bonuses are perhaps the most favorite part of the gameplay. It is bonuses and bonus games that can significantly increase the amount of winnings and promise many other benefits. Previously, players had to wait for the moment when a special combination formed on the spinning drum, which activated the bonus mode. But in 2017, the Big Time Gaming company, which develops slots, introduced a new concept to the gaming community that changed the way players receive bonuses.

In their game, called White Rabbit, the developers from Big Time Gaming implemented the Feature Drop function, a special mechanism that allowed players to independently purchase bonuses at any time during the game. What did it give the players? They no longer had to rely on luck and hope that the next spin of the reel will allow them to receive a bonus. It is worth saying that in some cases, players could receive bonuses at the very beginning of the game. And sometimes they had to wait long enough for the bonus combination to appear, as the symbols on the reel were randomly generated.

This could lead to the fact that the player simply burned out and left the game without waiting for the bonus. Therefore, the new slot , in which the ability to purchase bonuses on their own , was greeted with enthusiasm by the players and quickly became popular in the gaming community. Subsequently, Big Time Gaming released several more slots with a bonus redemption feature. And then, having bought a license, other developers joined the creation of Buy Feature games. Enjoy playing the most exciting and interesting slots with the ability to purchase bonuses at GGBET casino!


What are the benefits of purchasing bonuses?

In different slots, the bonus purchase function can provide different benefits. Most often, players can be given free spins of the reel, but there are other bonus features that are unique to each game.

GGBET casino?

You can receive GGBET casino bonuses and use them to play slots. You can get your very first bonus after you register. In addition, you can participate in promotions that our company regularly holds and receive bonuses for this.