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Virtual Sports at GGBET Online Casino

GGBET has long been known among sports fans and fans of gambling. The GGBET service has established itself as a reliable guide to the world of gambling, combining the functions of a bookmaker and an online casino. Thus, by going to the company's website or opening the GGBET application on your smartphone, you will be able to bet on sports and e-sports events, as well as play slots, roulette, card and other games presented in the casino section. In addition, GGBET casino has the opportunity to bet on virtual sports, which allows gamblers to get vivid emotions and get a new experience.

What is virtual sports?

Virtual sports or Virtual Sport are computer simulations of various sports that take place in a virtual space. That is, during virtual sports competitions, you will not meet real people confrontation, the match results are calculated on a computer thanks to special algorithms. Some people, especially those who are not very knowledgeable in betting, sometimes confuse virtual sports and eSports. Indeed, these terms are somewhat similar in spelling. In addition, virtual and electronic sports competitions take place in the virtual space. However, the key difference is that eSports competitions are played by real people who compete with each other to win. Virtual sports matches, as we have already said, take place without the participation of people and are calculated automatically.

As a rule, matches in virtual sports are very fleeting. This allows GGBET casino customers who have bet on the game to quickly learn about the results of the match. This feature attracts a large number of gamblers who do not want to wait long for the end of sports matches, but want to quickly find out if their bet has passed or not, and if they win, make a profit. Also, betting on virtual sports attracts sports fans who are deprived of the opportunity to bet on their favorite sports during the off-season.

Types of virtual sports presented in GGBET casino

In our casino, players can bet on several varieties of virtual sports. Each of the varieties, in fact, is a copy of a real sports discipline, with the only difference that the competitions are not held in stadiums, but are calculated using special software. Next, we will list the types of virtual sports that you can bet your money on.

Virtual football. It would be strange if the developers of gaming software ignored the most popular sport on our planet. However, since this did not happen, we are happy to present you with several varieties of virtual football available on our website. Here you can bet on competitions taking place within various virtual leagues

MAXCAR racing . As you might guess, MAXCAR is a virtual version of motorsport competitions. If you love motorsport and racing, be sure to pay attention to MAXCAR

Dog racing. This entertainment has been known for a long time, but now, thanks to the development of computer technology, you have the opportunity to bet on virtual hound races!

Horse racing. Game developers have also managed to create virtual horses that compete in speed on the vastness of a virtual hippodrome. Try to guess which of the horses will be the fastest and cross the finish line first. If your bet on virtual horse racing wins, then you will receive quite real money!

Well, if you like lotteries, you can try your luck in Keno. Buy a lucky ticket and win!


Who manages the participants in virtual sports competitions?

Do not confuse virtual sports and eSports. In virtual sports, there are competitors who compete with each other. For example, in virtual football players of different teams act as rivals. At the same time, the result of the competition is calculated on a computer using special algorithms and without the participation of live players.

Can I play virtual sports games for free on GGBET?

Yes, you can play for free. To do this, select the game you are interested in and run it in demo mode. At the same time, virtual funds will be credited to your balance, which you will use to play. This will keep your real money from losing, which can be useful, especially if you are just starting to place your first virtual sports bets.