Preasy Esport Completes Roster by Signing dupreeh

Preasy Esport Completes Roster by Signing dupreeh

The Danish organization Preasy Esport announced the completion of its Counter-Strike roster. The fifth player to join is dupreeh.

As a result, the final lineup of the club for the new year will consist of the following players: Altekz, TMB, refrezh, roeJ, and dupreeh.

Preasy Esport's initial roster was assembled in May 2023, but since then, the team has undergone a series of changes, leaving no original players from the initial roster in the current lineup.

dupreeh's previous team was Heroic, which he represented for just over two months on a short-term contract. After the end of this contract, dupreeh transitioned to Preasy Esport.

The first tournament for the updated Preasy Esport lineup will be the closed European qualification for PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. The qualifying tournament will start on January 18, 2024.