Team Spirit Wins IEM Katowice 2024

Team Spirit Wins IEM Katowice 2024

On the evening of February 11, the first major Tier-1 Counter-Strike tournament of 2024 concluded.

The grand final featured the top two teams from Group A: Team Spirit and FaZe Clan. Team Spirit secured the top spot in the group, granting them a direct entry into the semifinals. Their opponents were Team Falcons, who proved unable to put up a fight, with scores of 8:13 on Anubis and 3:13 on Ancient.

FaZe Clan, en route to the final, defeated G2 Esports and MOUZ, both series ending in clean sweeps with scores of 2:0.

The Best-of-5 final kicked off with FaZe Clan picking Nuke, but they lost it with a final score of 9:13, despite the first half ending tied at 6:6. Following that, Team Spirit fiercely secured Mirage with a score of 13:11, earning themselves match point. Overpass was the third map, where FaZe Clan couldn't challenge their opponents, resulting in a score of 13:3 and an overall series score of 3:0.

Throughout the tournament, Team Spirit won all their series convincingly, except for a match in the group stage against NAVI. Natus Vincere managed to take Anubis with a score of 13:11 in that encounter.

The prize pool for IEM Katowice 2024 amounted to $1,000,000, and for their victory, Team Spirit not only received $400,000 but also secured invitations to IEM Cologne 2024, BLAST Premier World Final, and Esports World Cup 2024.