GH Takes a Break from Competitive Dota 2 Scene
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GH Takes a Break from Competitive Dota 2 Scene

Nigma Galaxy has announced that their position 4 player, GH, is going inactive. GH has decided to temporarily step away from the competitive Dota 2 scene.

The duration of this break has not been specified by the club or the player. GH has been a part of Nigma Galaxy since November 2019. One of his major achievements while playing for the club was securing the second place at The International 2019. Since then, Nigma Galaxy has not qualified for The International series tournaments.

Currently, the club's roster includes only one player - KuroKy. Meanwhile, another player, Miracle-, is also on the club's inactive list.

Nigma Galaxy has yet to announce their future plans for the team composition. There have been rumors about a potential transition of KuroKy to a coaching position, but there has been no official confirmation from Nigma Galaxy regarding this information as of now.