Patch 7.34e has been released for Dota 2
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Patch 7.34e has been released for Dota 2

Valve released a minor gameplay patch overnight from November 20 to 21. The update nerfed the most popular heroes and items, while less popular characters received buffs.

The heroes that were significantly nerfed included Bristleback, Chaos Knight, Dark Willow, Kunkka, Muerta, Primal Beast, and Necrophos. These heroes were among the most popular in both matchmaking and the pro scene, especially at The International 2023.

Minor buffs were received by Drow Ranger, Gyrocopter, Lycan, Leshrac, and Timbersaw.

The full list of changes in patch 7.34e can be found on the official Dota 2 website.