GG.Leagues introducing

Introducing GG.Leagues at GG.BET!

Create your profile, level up and duke it out with other users to get generous bonuses from GG.BET!

Achievement unlocked - your profile is now a gaming avatar! So, tweak its appearance to your liking and join the hunt to bag first place in GG.Leagues. There are 5 GG.Leagues Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Major for you to showcase your skills in!

You’ll get Fame Points for every bet you place on sports/esports events, as well as every time you get your spin on in casino games! Make sure to rack up those points to climb the rankings and reach the next level, as you’ll get unique bonuses, as well as new backgrounds for your avatar, when you do so.

What’s more, your profile now features a range of personal stats, your highest winning odds, your favorite slots and much, much more. So, share your profile with your friends/subscribers and take part in GG.Leagues.

Get started!