In our new GG show, The Watcher, streamers play with subscribers!

Take part in the epic streamers vs subscribers battle in Dota 2!

The captains (streamers Raeyei and Jenkins) will form two teams from their subscribers, who will then go head to head in classic and reverse captain’s mode. The Watcher (the moderator of the game) will oversee the game, hand out secret tasks to each team, as well as award or rob teams of gold. You’ve got a unique chance to play a map moderated by Torte de Lini!

Join the fun on 3 December 2022 at 8:00 GMT+2 on Raeyei and Jenkins Twitch channels.

The Watcher will select the most skilled players and give out prizes:

1. Dark Artistry Cape

2. Desert Burn

3. Vigil Triumph

4. Hidden Vector

5. Faceless Rex

6. Genuine Eternal Radiance Blades

7. Silent Wake

8. Righteous Thunderbolt

And remember: The Watcher sees everything!