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A racket hits the ball strikingly. That’s a topspin. The ball dashes toward the opposing table part, bounces off, and flies far to the benches with amazed viewers. An attacker is one score closer to victory.

Such a thrill keeps 300 million people worldwide playing table tennis. It also attracts bettors. However, it’s not the only important thing for them. They need regular events to bet on. And luckily, table tennis is full of them.

Table tennis betting with GGBet breaks industry stereotypes. We offer high quantity and quality of bets, which are the match to full-size tennis. Our number of events, markets, and odd scales are exceptional. Stay tuned and check them out!

How to Bet on Table Tennis?

GG.Bet provides quick and easy access to table tennis online betting – no more lingering account verifications. Just register and choose the match. This requires your email (or phone number), password, and preferred currency pick. But if you want to speed this up, register via Google, Facebook, Steam, or Twitter.

Now, open the cashier page and make a deposit. You’ll see our full payment tool assortment. Browse through them, pick a preferred one, indicate the deposit amount, and follow the instructions. After you verify the payment, the cash will arrive in several minutes.

Finally, select table tennis in the “All Games” tab to the left. You’re almost there; the middle of the screen represents all the upcoming and table tennis live matches. Choose a market (next paragraph explains them), bet amount, and that’s it. It’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for a cashout.

Table Tennis Betting Markets

Table tennis betting is designed for any level of bettor's professionalism. There are markets for beginners, if more complex, where you need full-fledged statistics. The most well-rounded and simple bet type is a match-winner. It allows punters to bet on who wins a tennis match.

Another frequently used market is totals. With this bet, we give you a number, and you have to bet on whether the score goes over or under it. The score can be anything, like the scores of a single player or total match scores.

If you know all the table tennis event competitors, an outright bet might be for you. It allows you to bet on the event winner. It is available from the start of the competition.

There are also handicaps for the table tennis bets. They equate the odds in cases when teams have a significant skill gap. Commonly, they simplify the bet-winning condition for the weaker team in terms of match-winner markets.

As well as any other sport, table tennis has prop bets (sport-specific). Such give you a chance to wager on the number of extra or total points scored, if the score is odd/even, etc.

How Do Table Tennis Odds Work?

Each bookmaker provides different betting odds. The main reason it happens is their approaches to analysis. The odds are based on pre match factors, determining potential outcomes. Each bookie has a separate analytic team to consider that. So, their results are naturally different.

For example, there is an upcoming match with a totals betting market. In advance, table tennis betting sites analyze competitors, checking out their average scores per game. Then, they check their weak and strong points, comparing them. As a result, they know an approximate total score and shape totals bets.

But GG.Bet doesn’t stop on the abovementioned process. We always crank our table tennis odds up a bit, as our customers like. Our scale allows us that. This enables more profit for all our table tennis bettors.

Live Table Tennis Betting

Regardless of the table tennis tournament, GG.Bet actively accepts [live bets] for it. Yeah, that’s what most bookies do. But real time betting conditions we create are exclusive.

Any live tennis game has a stream and a stat table attached. So you don’t have to look for third resources to watch the game or check the potential outcome. You can do it all on one page at GG.Bet.

Moreover, our live table tennis betting markets are not just standard match winners. They are prop bets, totals, and handicaps too. Live betting pros will like that.

If you are unfamiliar with live betting, let’s simplify it. Those are the bets you can make on already-started games. This is useful if you need to analyze more before you bet, and spectating a match can provide it.

But there is a trick. Table tennis betting odds are constantly switching in the live format. In general, they are inconsistent in their nature. Anything that happens in a match shifts the probable outcome. So, the odds are shifting too. Therefore, it is necessary to catch the most favorable odds to get the biggest winnings.

Top Table Tennis Championships: Maximize Your Profit

Table tennis has a ton of events throughout the year. You can bet on all at the GG.Bet. But you should preferably look for bigger competitions. It’s best to bet on table tennis with them as they have the highest odds and the most betting markets. Next, we mention several prominent tournaments.

ITTF World Championships

World Championships attest to how rich and old table tennis is. The first ITTF WC was in 1926 in London. Since then, the event has been a playground for the best world athletes annually. Of course, if there are no handicaps like WW2.

Olympic Table Tennis

The Olympic Games are like an emporium for all the best sports. Table tennis is one of them. Since 1988, you can do Olympic table tennis betting, it's just that it's gone online now. But consider that the game is included only in the summer part of games and classified for men and women.

TT Cup

TT Cup is a popular table tennis organizer with plenty of year-round events. Thanks to their high-class competitions with the world's greatest players, you always have a chance to make a table tennis bet.

Liga Pro

Liga Pro is a famous European sports league with the best tennis players in their regions. This tournament often functions as a springboard for younger players. Next, they’ll represent their countries in the ITTF WC or Olympics.

Setka Cup

Table tennis matches are viral in Ukraine. So the country couldn’t ignore that and created its Setka Cup. The event has both men’s and women’s sections and defines the table tennis champions of Ukraine.

Practical Tips for a Successful Table Tennis Bet

Okay, now you are loaded with all the essential table tennis betting info; you know about the odds, events, and markets. The next is betting itself. But how to bet on table tennis and win? This requires some practical knowledge that you’ll find in this list:

  • Analyze and compare competitors. Before betting, you must find and compare players' strong and weak points. It lets you predict the match flow. For instance, if you know that one player relies solely on attacks, and his opponent is a tier-1 defender, the outcome is apparent;
  • Appeal to live bets if unsure. To bet on table tennis can be difficult – even a thorough analysis might not give you confidence in your bet. In such cases, use live betting. It will let you peek into the actual players’ potential and wager;
  • Join forums and subscribe to tennis channels. You can get lots of table tennis betting insights from gathering information online. Specialized YouTube channels and betting forums can help a lot. And what’s best, they contain helpful information regardless of your betting skills;
  • Check out all the markets before wagering. If your objective is getting cash, always seek the most profitable types on bets. But don’t fall for sky-high odds. Take excess risks only if you’re sure about them.

If you are a starter, incorporating these tips immediately is tough. So focus on a single advice and hone it to perfection. Then, move to the next.

Table Tennis Betting FAQ

How to make a prediction on the winner of a table tennis match?

Predictions require analyzing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Then, compare them. It will give you a better picture of an upcoming match.

Which event has the best odds?

As the best table tennis betting site, GG.Bet strives to deliver the highest odds. But they reach their best during table tennis major events like ITTF WC and Olympic Games.

Is it legal to bet online on ping pong?

In most of the countries and states, yes. But if you’ve figured out that your region prohibits table tennis betting, use a VPN. It is a safe method to dodge any area-specific restrictions.

Unforgettable Emotions from Betting on Table Tennis with GGBet!

GG.Bet doesn't just pay lip service to being the leading table tennis betting site. The practice proves it too. Here are the obvious advantages we have, which you can immediately check through our website:

  • Extensive table tennis betting line

The competition scale doesn’t matter to us. We strive to pack all the matches with numerous betting markets so you always have a choice.

  • Detailed statistics of matches and athletes absolutely free of charge

We enable creating strategies and keeping up-to-date with our stats tables. They cover matches and athletes and are 100% free!

  • Competitive odds and a variety of outcomes

Among many table tennis betting providers, our odds are the pinnacle. What’s more, they’re high for any markets and events.

  • Great promotions in the form of free bets and deposit bonuses

All our clients are equipped with promotions. They are effortless to activate, requiring a simple deposit (which you would do anyway). But in return, you get a bunch of cash for free tennis bets.

  • 100% reliable global bookmaker

GG.Bet is not a no-name. We’ve been on the market for several years; thousands of fans use our site daily for table tennis betting. If that’s not proof of our reliability, then go ahead and read our reviews online. The Internet has a ton of them.

  • Mobile app for betting on the go

To make your betting even more convenient, we provide you with our mobile app. You can download it for iOS or Android. Having a phone in your pocket, you can always pull it out and make a table tennis bet at GG.Bet.